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Service Hours

Dig Pink events provide community service opportunities for for your players.


Hosting an event supports a cause that your team and community can get behind.

A Winning Tradition

Make Dig Pink® an annual team event the entire school & community will look forward to each season!

Over $10 Million Raised

The Dig Pink® Rally is The Side-Out Foundation's fall event that brings together volleyball players across the nation to raise funds for breast cancer research, demonstrate the power of teamwork and show support for people with the disease.

Funding Our Own Research

Side-Out and the sport of volleyballl are actually funding game-changing cancer research. Unlike most organizations, funds donated to Side-Out goes directly to its own innovative research that is slowing the progression of stage 4 breast cancer, and improving the way all cancers are treated.

Getting Involved

There are many different ways for your players to get involved with The Side-Out Foundation. Your team can organize a large community wide event or players can apply for the Side-Out Ambassador Program. You or your players can  simply make a donation or buy gear from Shop Dig Pink®. Whatever it is you choose to do, you are making a difference.

Click the video to watch Side-Out's documentary, The Side-Out Story.

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Learn Life Skills 

Students will learn organization & planning skills they can carry with them in life post-education.

Money for School

Students can earn a scholarship up to $3,500 for college! Your players can use it to pay for books and tuition.

Great Support

No need for any team to plan alone. We work with parents, coaches, players and students to help get the event going.

"During this whole process I have realized that through the ups and downs in life, the one thing that should stay the consistent is your drive to help others. My teammates and I were able to do this on a community level and create what hopefully continues as a long standing tradition."

Ambassador Testimonial

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Why Join the Ambassador Program?

Sarah Hemminger
Side-Out Ambassador
AVCA/Dig Pink National Award Winner

The Side-Out Ambassador Program gives students a chance to receive recognition and scholarship funds, encouraging them to continue a life of setting and achieving their goals.

Looking for Student Scholarships?

Join Side-Out's Ambassador Program!

Students can earn up to $3,500 in scholarships by leading fellow student-athletes, coaches, and the student body in a community service based program that raises funds and awareness for stage 4 breast cancer research.

U.S. Olympian April Ross, spent time with players from Upper Arlington High School (Columbus, OH) at the 2016 Cincinnati Open. The students and community of Upper Arlington have been strong supporters of Side-Out over the past couple of seasons.

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